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Phala Snapshot

Chain Phala
Block Height 22789458
Creation Date 2024-04-18
Database Format RocksDb
Pruning Mode Archive
Compression Format lz4
Version used for Snapshotting 0.1.26
Download Link phala_22789458_2024-04-18.tar.lz4
Size 299G
sha256 Checksum 32cf225141da506c063dec8bb4f319afcc8461eed0ebf8cc7ecd17b55a337ed1

How to deploy Snapshot

Issue the following commands:

wget https://snapshots.radiumblock.com/phala_22789458_2024-04-18.tar.lz4
lz4 -c -d phala_22789458_2024-04-18.tar.lz4 | tar -x -C /home/phala/.local/share/phala-node/chains/phala
rm -v phala_22789458_2024-04-18.tar.lz4

If applicable, replace /home/Phala with the actual storage location.