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Kusama Snapshot

Chain Kusama
Block Height 17271108
Creation Date 2023-03-31
Database Format RocksDb
Pruning Mode Pruned
Compression Format lz4
Version used for Snapshotting 0.9.37-645723987cf
Download Link kusama_17271108_2023-03-31.tar.lz4
Size 168G
sha256 Checksum 07e22f2503bbcfd89fc7b005c3b4b5e05539c2c5ece5c2b337b94ffffa83c842

How to deploy Snapshot

Issue the following commands:

lz4 -c -d kusama_17271108_2023-03-31.tar.lz4 | tar -x -C /home/polkadot/.local/share/polkadot/chains/ksmcc3
rm -v kusama_17271108_2023-03-31.tar.lz4

If applicable, replace /home/polkadot with the actual storage location.